Made in Japan


This is a hand-printing factory in Kyoto. There are unpatterned  fabrics on the 25m printing boards. You can feel the tension in this room from these stretched fabrics which have no wrinkles or dust, they are just white.


These are buckets with dye. Before printing, the craftsmen prepare all the colors they need and start to print at a stroke. From their long experience, they are able to make dyes exactly the same color and amount we want.       


After printing he hangs the fabric to dry. Then he prepares for the next step of steaming the fabric in the another factory.

工場見学 a factory tour

2011年4月26日、京都にある käärö を実際に刷っていただく染色工場にお邪魔しました。

On 26.4.2011, I visited a hand-printing factory which produces käärö in Kyoto. 


A craftsman moves the silkscreen from one place to the next  and prints the fabric without resting. You may be surprised to see that there are no shears even though he prints one on top of another. 


〒604-8190 京都市中京区室町通六角下ル鯉山町510番地

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Really beautiful patterns are ready in a short time after he prints many colors. I was just moved to see his skill and ability to concentrate. I can not wait until my käärö would be printed here!